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We Bonned the Fire

Fellow Allotmenteers,

Thanks again for coming to our bonfire last Friday! What a great way to wind down during this stressful period!

Thanks to all of you who came down and brought food. Thank you also to all those who shared their music, rap, poetry, etc… It was sustenance to the ears and the brain- the heart, too, was not left untouched!

Come throw your eye at these, jump in the daal pot and get a taste of what we were up to:



What a bunch of goofballs!!!

See you soon for some flavoursome fun as we start to organise group dinners using our very own produce!




Update! get your diaries out

Hello little saplings,

This is my first email as the allotment’s secretary and it’s a pleasure to be gracing your inboxes!

It was a lovely session last week, the clouds rolled by and the shed got a new coat of preserver to bundle up warm against the forever changing weather.

We had some tea and coffee too!

Last week was also the week in which a few of us got together for an allotment meeting where we discussed a number of exciting projects and events for the coming months. (Thank you to Rhal for letting us use your kitchen!)

We discussed workshops – getting experts and passionate vegetable lovers in to impart their wisdom of sowing, sprouting, companion planting, foraging – anything that will get dirt in our nails and nature in our souls!

A number of events were proposed such as bonfires, art installation and poetry readings AND the very exciting topic of the summer trip. As soon as dates and locations are fully formed the information will be flooding your inboxes and Facebook pages.

We also spoke about a possible day trip to the canalside farm near Leamington. It’d be a really nice chance for a few of us to get together, walk down the canal and pick some fruit and veg in return for fruit and veg.

After the success of last year we’re planning on getting children from near by schools down to the allotment to sprout the seeds of nature loving early. We have a few volunteers so far but if anyone would like to get involved please message us! You won’t need an in depth knowledge of the allotment or methods, just a friendly face and a little bit of time.

But, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – what veg shall we be planting this year? We discussed everything from courgettes to kale, sweet corn to swedes and even a few interesting choices like kiwis and quinoa! The full list can be found here but in the mean time here is a little collage of some of my favourites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 20.48.38.png

And, just before I say farewell and sign off – here is a little bit of earth based music to get you stretching out those leaves and sprouting inspiration:


Allotment Soc xxx

That was delicious… Now, Cider Brewing did you say?

Hello Allotmenteers~
IT WAS DELICIOUS! Thanks to all of you who helped prepare the meal and those who helped us clean afterwards too. It was a most pleasant evening, spent in good company and music! To be had once more!
Here are some photos- thank you Fay for thinking to take some!  Scroll down to the very bottom for details on our cider-making workshop!
and… in case you wanted to see what an exhausted, beer-imbibed Alix looks like, here ya go:
IMPORTANT: Cider Brewing Workshop
We need your help to press some apples!! Join us at 80 Abercorn Road in Chapelfields  for some fun apple chopping, chomping, scrutting and pressing!

We’ll meet at 2.30 tomorrow (Monday 26th) to prep the apples and then at 4 we’ll start the pressing. Bring snacks if you’d like, bring friends, bring drink, bring good humour, bring yourselves, bring good knifes if you can….

To get there, you can take the bus to Hearsall Common (the 11 will get you there). then you cross the road on your left, go down Queensland avenue and then turn left at Abercorn, follow the road all the way down to number 80. Here’s my number, in case you get losties: 07922085704.

Big love,

Allotment Dinner

Hello hello beautiful seedlings, 
I have exciting news for you! It’s Chris’ birthday and so we’re having a lovely allotment meal tomorrow evening to celebrate! It’s okay if you don’t know Chris, you’re still invited. He’s… pretty cool [sometimes].
Sign up on this, so we get numbers…
In case you wonder what our legendary allotment meals look like, here are some photos from the last few times we’ve done something like this: 
Step 1: HARVEST! we meet at the allotment at 5, harvest the ingredients, put them in a wheelbarrow and parade them around campus! 
Step 2: We cook! we cook! and in music, dance and po-
SO, here’s the plan. 
Meet us at five 
Down at the garden 
We’ll cut some chive
and harvest some onion. 
If ye be late
Call me or my number         [07922085704]
Don’t hesitate
I’m part-cucumber-    (aka totally cool, green, easy to talk to, etc…)
Where to now?
TO the Grad Deck !
get there how? 
Bit of a trek. 
Ok I’m bored of writing “poetry”  if you can call it that. just follow the road to lakeside. THe Grad Deck will be on your left, right next to the nursery. 
Can you do us a favour? If you live on campus, bring your pots and pans, and maybe some plates too and basic cutlery, some oil, etc… 
Big LOVE xxxx
Allotment Exec

Did you catch us at the Fair?


Beautiful posters in the back made by the incredible Yara! xx

Clean-Up Session on a Sunday

Photos of some of us doing some cleaning up and bewitching a muffin. The muffins were delicious indeed! Google “vegan date banana cake” – I was told that would get me there.

Again a reminder: Come along to the harvest festival! It will be amazing, our little green-space looks lovely!

Harvest fest Poster

Harvest Festival 2013 Video

In the light of this upcoming new academic year, we uncovered this gem for you! Our friend Robbie Foulston made this beautiful video a couple of years ago. **Music by the talented Lewis Smith**

We have a shed load of events coming up, so do keep your eyes peeled… maybe another Harvest Festival…?!

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