Allotmenteer- hello~ 

What lovely weather we’ve had last week! Cold sun- bitter and sweet, as we like it. Okay, sure- our feet went numb because it was so chilly and we decided to call it a day a bit early. It was a very enjoyable session nonetheless. 


Here we are, tucking in our wee baby garlics for winter. Sleep tight and grow well ~ climate change is messing up your growth spurt, I know, but in the meantime, try and get some rest. 

As you know, we cancelled the meeting last week. Too few people could make it and some of us were a bit ill from the sudden temperature drop. The meeting has been moved to this week, Wednesday 27th at 4PM in Rhal’s kitchen (Arthur Vick, Block 1, Kitchen 2). That’s right across from the allotment so we’ll head straight there. 

Also- next session we’ll be painting the shed to make it waterproof, so don’t wear super nice clothes… unless you fancy looking like a debauched artist. Up to you! 

Catch ya later, parsnips~ 

Allotment Soc xxx

PS- Here’s a fun game for you: Send me a picture of your favourite plant, telling me a bit about it. Best submissions will be mentioned in the next email/post! Here’s mine:

old black & white copy scan picture of ROBERT PLANT  musician

It’s a rare Robert Plant. Latin name Robertus plantus. Grows exceptional foliage. I mean, look at that hair.