Dear Squashling, 

Winter’s finally amongst us. Frost has killed off our Nasturtiums, but that is life. There’s an eerie beauty to the allotment, which I am particularly enjoying. 

Sorry for going MIA for a little while, we’ve been busy, we’ve been stressed (like little seedlings pulled out of the soil)…

 Let’s see what’s on the menu… A WILD BEN WITH A MOSSY MONOBROW!


 no but seriously, here’s a list of awesome, exciting things: 1) new Polytunnel layout, 2) turning over the compost, 3) workshop coming up, 4) new secretary!

1) For the past three sessions, we’ve been working away at our beautiful and improved polytunnel. We’ve even planted some cabbage and sown some salads. Woopedidoo! 


 Rhal is clearly checking to see if our paths are straight. We used string to measure out what bits would be beds and what bits would be paths. 


Yara lookin cute and happy!


Yara pretending to help…. Here, we were diggin trenches to put up some plastic on the side of the polytunnel to stop the weeds from coming it. Excellent idea from Sean (what would we do without him? (the answer is “not a lot” in case you wondered)). 


2) Last session, we turned over the compost and even found a vole! 



chrisAllotment’s next top model: Dr. Chris Maughan. Look at that bun action!

 Harriet with sheers

Harriet with sheers… adorable or scary? not sure………. :] 

3) STUDENT EATS WORKSHOP on the 9th! From 2 – 4 in H3.45. Do come, there will be vegan cake! Bekki is from Keel Uni and we have been working with her for the past year. She’s doing some research on university community gardens and has loads to share with you. Turn up for the full two hours if possible. It’ll be good. 

Here’s a link:

4) Last but not least, do welcome our NEW SECRETARY! Say hi to Harriet, she’s as crispy as a parsnip crisp. 

Harriet wheelbarrow

Look at this amazing veggie I found in the wheelbarrow ^^ 

Thank you Yara for being an amazing secretary for the past two terms. You are an incredible human being and I hope we’ll keep seeing your smiling face amongst the raised beds. 


That’s all folks! Well for now. 

Wintrery kisses to you, 

A-leeks and potatoes