Hello Petals, 

What a marvellous time to be alive! The changing seasons are a most beautiful phenonenon. Yes-  it is sad to see the foliage die and pave the floor in slippery reds, golds, browns, and to witness our allotment slowly shrivel into hibernation – but what splendid colours, what divine fog! Take it all in, inhale it, breathe it, you ARE alive and so is the animate world around you. Go take a walk, now. You can finish your essay – later. 

Do you know what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks? We’ve finally re-arranged the polytunnel in a more practical fashion. It will have two half beds running along the long sides and two central beds with walking alleys in between. We spent the last two sessions taking out the bed frames and removing the Mypex to place all the soil directly on the ground. 


The beginning of the end . . . 


Pull it out! Pull it all out!


Annnnnd, the beds are comin out!


Dig on, ye diggers and dreamers!


Mainly dreaming, I see . . . 



In life, there are two types of people. Those who dig and those who pretend to . . .


The result!!



Next session, we will draw out the beds with string and start planting some Brassicas, so make sure you tag along!! 

Lots to be done, even in the winter!

REMINDER: We’re having our last allotment meal of the year on the 18th (more details to be sent out closer to the date). There’s still one slot to be filled! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z5ca4Cq2LN521bBDmKGnnwwSmrw_wU9IqWhfw4tMlR0/edit#gid=0


Also, we are looking for an Allotment Treasurer! If you’re interested, send me an email or contact me on Facebook! Or just call me 07922085704. 


Have yourselves a nice warm cup of tea and a pleasant evening in the company of all that you love, x x x 

ALEEKS and Potatoes (Alix)

PS- anybody want to try their hand at designing an Allotment logo? Would be real nice to have one of those!