Hello Allotmenteers~
IT WAS DELICIOUS! Thanks to all of you who helped prepare the meal and those who helped us clean afterwards too. It was a most pleasant evening, spent in good company and music! To be had once more!
Here are some photos- thank you Fay for thinking to take some!  Scroll down to the very bottom for details on our cider-making workshop!
and… in case you wanted to see what an exhausted, beer-imbibed Alix looks like, here ya go:
IMPORTANT: Cider Brewing Workshop
We need your help to press some apples!! Join us at 80 Abercorn Road in Chapelfields  for some fun apple chopping, chomping, scrutting and pressing!

We’ll meet at 2.30 tomorrow (Monday 26th) to prep the apples and then at 4 we’ll start the pressing. Bring snacks if you’d like, bring friends, bring drink, bring good humour, bring yourselves, bring good knifes if you can….

To get there, you can take the bus to Hearsall Common (the 11 will get you there). then you cross the road on your left, go down Queensland avenue and then turn left at Abercorn, follow the road all the way down to number 80. Here’s my number, in case you get losties: 07922085704.

Big love,