Hello hello beautiful seedlings, 
I have exciting news for you! It’s Chris’ birthday and so we’re having a lovely allotment meal tomorrow evening to celebrate! It’s okay if you don’t know Chris, you’re still invited. He’s… pretty cool [sometimes].
Sign up on this, so we get numbers…
In case you wonder what our legendary allotment meals look like, here are some photos from the last few times we’ve done something like this: 
Step 1: HARVEST! we meet at the allotment at 5, harvest the ingredients, put them in a wheelbarrow and parade them around campus! 
Step 2: We cook! we cook! and in music, dance and po-
SO, here’s the plan. 
Meet us at five 
Down at the garden 
We’ll cut some chive
and harvest some onion. 
If ye be late
Call me or my number         [07922085704]
Don’t hesitate
I’m part-cucumber-    (aka totally cool, green, easy to talk to, etc…)
Where to now?
TO the Grad Deck !
get there how? 
Bit of a trek. 
Ok I’m bored of writing “poetry”  if you can call it that. just follow the road to lakeside. THe Grad Deck will be on your left, right next to the nursery. 
Can you do us a favour? If you live on campus, bring your pots and pans, and maybe some plates too and basic cutlery, some oil, etc… 
Big LOVE xxxx
Allotment Exec