A word and some pictures from our very own Chris: 

Greetings fellow allotmenteers,

The last few weeks have seen a resurgence of weeds, so we’ll have to knock them back. But we can also start removing old plants and continuing with our green manuring (growing plants at the end of the season to fix nutrients into the soil and protect it from harsh winter weather), not to mention harvesting the wealth of plants that are ready to eat. Speaking of which, here’s a photo-taster of things that are ready, including the first of our tomatoes, onions and garlic (hung up to dry), (more) courgettes, and even our first aubergine! (which admittedly looks a bit weird)

11147847_890079463691_4763199680577700198_o 11223929_890079478661_8821900171010511365_o 11942134_890079483651_8226340339905433115_o 11947938_890079458701_5444195820013593550_o 11999837_890079473671_4057845360960330692_o

mulch love xx