Hello dear Greeners,

This week the e-mail will be kept fairly short, as we got most of the announcements out of the way last week.

To give you an update on what we did last week:

Firstly, we were very happy to see some new faces. Thank you for helping with planting, weeding, and strimming and we hope you enjoyed being exposed to some of the allotmadness.

I know, you won’t believe it, but our beloved Sean actually improved the deck area at the streameven more, by building some proper steps. Now it’s almost entirely safe to take a hike to the stream. Chapeau!

At the end of the day (well, “session” in this case) we had a box full of lettuce and some mushrooms (Edible or not? That is the question.) and many memorable experiences (like I said, t’was a slightly unusual session).

Lastly, for those of you who are into that sort of thing, we found the biggest worm: thicker than a pen and of considerable length – guess we provide them with a very nurturing environment…

Now, for this week, don’t forget that we are hosting the very first allotigong session on Wednesday at 3:30PM. It’s scheduled to run until 5PM, but depending on your stamina, you might feel the urge to keep on qi-gonging past that time. It’s £3 and will be a great opportunity to experience something new while really getting in touch with your body. But more about that on Wednesday. Of course, also join us as usual for our gardening session starting at 2PM – the plants are growing quickly so there’s lots to do.

If you haven’t signed up for the allotment trip in Week 10, do so now (you know you want it, don’t waste any time ;)! It will be great fun and a unique experience – hence, a wonderful way to start your summer holiday! This is the link: https://docs.google.com/…/1m23Wx-6XTjEpRibZKIPzmqnFc2…/edit…

Lastly, if you visit the allotment on your own outside of the Wednesday sessions, please don’t forget to close the cold-frames, the polytunnel doors and to lock the shed before you leave!

See you on Wednesday (don’t forget to bring a bag or a box for some veggies and herbs – mint and lemonbalm are doing wonderfully and are great in teas!)


Society of Allotmenteers

*Please don’t ask what Ben is doing in this photo. He took most of these wonderful pictures, so the little idiosyncrasies shall be forgiven. (: