Hello hello phytophilous friends,
Here’s a little email going over the few things we talked about last session and a quick update on allotment life.

1) The nematodes have been unleashed. We rehydrated the nematode eggs in water and let these litte voracious babies loose into the soil. Hopefully this means no more slugs. ***NOTE*** this is organic, perfectly safe for humans and other living creatures apart from…well… the slugs. (Poor sluggies 😥  apprently not everyone enjoys the sweet, slimey company of these adorable gastropods…)

Here’s what nematods look like, in case you wondered:


And here’s a cuter version, to get that image out of your head:

2) Watering season is upon us! As you’ve probably (not) noticed, it getting warmer and warmer (or supposed to). This means that the soil is getting dry faster. Ideally, we would have someone water every day. In order to keep tab, here is the new watering rota document:


Please sign up if you think you can make a weekly commitment to watering. Reminder: watering is most useful either in the morning when the plants wake up and the sun is not too hot, or in the evening as the air gets cooler and the moisture stays in the ground. Also, make sure you don’t just wet the surface. Stick your finger in the soil and if it is dry underneath the layer of wet, you might want to add another can’s worth of water.

3) Bonfire Night! On the 30th of April, it is Walpurgis Night also called Witches’ Night, a Czech celebration. The weather for Thursday is looking pretty good, somewhat cloudy but no rain! Probably worth czeching out…

We will keep you updated if the plan goes forward. 🙂

4) Feel free to help yourself to some salad and radishes when you come down to water or hang out!

(Photo courtesy: Yara Photography)

5) Come check out our new dock/pier. Sean and Ondrej have been working on a new, very useful construction, allowing us to fill up our watering cans WITHOUT necessarily having to take a bath in the stream. Makes watering slightly less refreshing but a lot easier. 🙂

Mulch love,

Allotment exec xxx