Dear Perennial Pals, 

We hope your term three is going smoothly! Why not drop down to the allotment some time for a little session (Wednesdays 2-4 PM)?

We have quite a few things to cover this week in terms of what’s happening in the next couple of weeks, with our allotment trip coming up and the conference I mentioned last time. So here goes…

In terms of what happened last week:

1) We bought a strimmer! You might want to turn your head sidways on this one… I haven’t figured out how to rotate pictures yet!

As Health and Safety officer, I give this guy a 4 out of 10. Good effort on the saftey goggles, but perhaps actually wearing them would be a little more within the regulations…

2) Because we bought a stimmer, we now need to lock the shed! and the lock combination is 911… (ACAB though).

3) We re-potted the aubergines, hot peppers and sweet pepper! and we look just about as a hot as the chilli peppers……..

4) Turns out Ben’s Qigong patience pays off… because aubergine and pepper seedlings have an **extremly** gentle stem which you must avoid touching or pulling when you are repotting them. According to our master gardener (and now foraging expert (you know who you are)), it is much less harmful to take them by the dicotyledon (the two little leaves that aren’t actually part of the plant but that help the plant grow straight and balanced).

5) Again, don’t forget to bring a bag and take some salad from the polytunnel! It’s going to seed pretty fast so hurry hurry!

Ok, glad we agree, Chris with a secateur is a tad scary
All the above photos were taken by our favourite Ondrej! 🙂

Cool, we’re all caught up! Now a few announcements:
A) ALLOTMENT ROAD TRIP!!!! Here’s a message from Chris, who’s been kind enough to organise –>

“It’s been a fairly long time coming but we now have provisional dates for the allotment trip. They are: Tuesday June 23rd to Friday 26th.

The trip is free and open to everyone – no matter how (in)frequently you’ve been down to the allotment. The plan is to visit three growing projects in the South West (Somerset and Devon) of high agroecological and political significance. The plan as it stands is to leave Tuesday, stay the night with Tinkers Bubble (a pioneering agricultural commune in Somerset) work the following day with them, then drive down to Devon to Landmatters Permaculture Project. We will stay that night with them and then do another day of communal tasks before either wild camping or staying another night with them (depending on the mood). Finally we will visit Martin Crawford’s forest garden before driving back home on Friday afternoon/evening.

More details to come but the trip is basically free, all you need is a bit of food, sleeping bag and roll matt (we’ll work out tents between us closer to the time).

Sign up for a slot space on the minibus here:…/1m23Wx-6XTjEpRibZKIPzmqnFc2…/edit… ”

B) Student Eats Conference in Lancaster

As mentioned in the last email, there’s a Student Eats conference happening in Leicester on the 3rd of June. Due to our membership to Student Eats, we are able to attend completely free of charge (well, appart from the transportation)! If you’re interested in the conference, message me ( and I will give you the registration code. You can Register here. I’m thinking of going! Would be nice to have someone to go with!

C) Camie is organising a STOP FOOD WASTE Photo Competition! 

Here’s a message from her:

“Do you feel outraged about the ridiculous amounts of food being wasted on our campus? And do you feel powerless facing the general indifference of Warwick food outlets? If you or your friends work at one of the Warwick campus outlets or if you just happen to witness food being needlessly wasted, please inbox us photos and we will publish them on the page for you, in order to make the posts anonymous. In the past, we have heard of entire trays of uneaten canapés from Warwick Conferences simply being thrown away as well as whole boxes of unopened sandwiches from Rootes Grocery Store being wasted. We ultimately want to show the scale of waste on campus so as to approach Warwick Retail and Warwick Conferences with more strength in our argument that something seriously needs to be done about this issue. We are also offering a prize of a ‘freegan’ lunch made from fresh produce which could has been rescued, delivered straight to the library during your revisions, for THE person who sends us the most impressive photo.”

Click below if you want to check it out!


See you soon, hopefully! Remember, you are always welcome to drop by the allotment any time you wish!
Little reminder that we meet every Wednesdays from 2 to 4 PM.

Mulch Love,

Allotment exec xxx